New report available for injury prevention stakeholders

A new report has been released by the Department of Health WA to assist people engaged in injury prevention in Western Australia (WA).

Injury Prevention in Western Australia: A Review of Statewide Activity for Selected Injury Areas is a document highlighting injury prevention issues and activity in WA.

The review identifies the leading types of injury, and discusses the epidemiology, risk and protective factors (such as environmental and individual factors, socioeconomic characteristics and health behaviours), key stakeholders in WA, current activities in WA, and legislation, standards and codes of practice for: road crashes, falls prevention in older people and children, suicide, interpersonal violence, poisoning in children, burns and scalds, and drowning. Aboriginal people and injury prevention, as well as alcohol use and injury, are also addressed.

The review notes that injuries were the fourth most common cause of death in WA between 2007 and 2011, and the fourth most common specific cause of hospitalisation between 2008 and 2012. Despite this, most injuries are preventable. The report is designed to help people understand injuries in WA better, and connect stakeholders with a shared interest.

The new report is available to be viewed online here.