Every practitioner is a valuable resource to their peers


The Know Injury Team is excited to launch a new networking opportunity for people interested in preventing injuries and creating safe communities.

Know Injury believes that every practitioner is a valuable resource to their peers and that using a small amount of technology we can open an array of opportunities to learn from one another and build lasting partnerships.

That’s why ICCWA’s Know Injury team are introducing CONNECT.ed – an opportunity for people who do not have time to network but want to develop partnerships with others working in the sector.

Once you sign up, on the 1st of each month you will be randomly matched to a like-minded practitioner working in the sector. You are then given one month to arrange a 15 minute phone conversation with them. Once you have connected, the following month we will pair you with another peer.

So what are you waiting for get to know your peers. Register for CONNECT.ED today.