New report available outlines the state of drowning in Western Australia

Royal Life Saving

Are you planning water safety projects for Summer? Get the latest facts and figures on drowning in Western Australia today.

The Royal Life Saving Society has release the 2015 National Drowning Report which outlines all of the latest statistics on drowning around the country and in Western Australia.

The report states that 14% of national drownings occurred in Western Australia, which is a 2% increase from last year. Western Australia also saw a significant increase in drowning deaths in people over the age of 25, with only five drownings occurring in people younger than 25. Regional areas of Western Australia were overrepresented, accounting for 43% of all deaths.

Access the 2015 National Drowning Report to discover more data which will help you plan and implement water safety projects.

For additional information about the determinants of drowning and current activities in Western Australia, you can also download the Know Injury fact sheet on drowning.