BLOG: Partnerships essential to social impact; Injury prevention in Western Australia

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Have you ever wondered how an organisation with 45,500 employees who is responsible for promoting a healthy WA to the near 2.6 million Western Australians goes about their job?

Your answer includes the Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate, the Health Promotion Strategic Framework and research! Denise Sullivan, the Director of Chronic Disease Prevention at the Department of Health WA, discussed WA Health’s whole population approach to injury prevention and how they are helping the injury prevention sector deliver high quality, best practice programs.

As part of Denise’s presentation representatives from Kidsafe WA, Royal Life Saving WA and Injury Control Council of WA got up and spoke about their programs and the amazing work they have all done with the Department’s support.

The importance of collaborating within and between sectors

This presentation really highlighted the importance of partnerships in the area of injury prevention and for health in general.  For organisations who work in the area of injury prevention, partnerships play a key role in everything that they do, from their partnerships with their funding bodies; collaborations with stakeholders and health professionals; and most importantly, working with local community members. Preventing injuries in the community will rely on this level of collaboration between government, business and non-profits and Denise Sullivan’s presentation definitely set the scene for such collaborations to begin taking shape at the Knowledge Exchange.


Written by Ally White, Injury Control Council of WA