National Burns Awareness Month

Did you know that 88% of minor burns happen in the home but 90% of Australians who experience a burn don’t know the correct first aid

National Burns Awareness Month has been established to create greater awareness amongst the Australian community of the correct first aid treatment for minor burns.

With the support of Burnaid®, National Burns Awareness Month will host a series of national education and awareness initiates from the 1st – 30th June.

National Burns Awareness Month is encouraging three steps in the treatment of burns:


Remove yourself out of any danger.

Remove any clothing / or jewellery from burn area to allow effective cooling of the burn.


1) Cool the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes.

2) Consider immersion or wet towels if running water unavailable.

3) If water is not available use a hydrogel.

Do not use ice, butter, toothpaste, creams or ointments as these may make the burn worse.


For minor burns cover with a hydrogel, such as Burnaid®, to help relieve the pain.

Cover with a clean dressing.

For more information on the month visit or click here for the Know Injury fact sheet on burns and scalds.