Stay off the Tracks to Avoid Injury

TrackSAFE_Message 01

The Public Transport Authority is encouraging West Australians to be aware of the potential consequences that unsafe behaviours around railways can have during Rail Safety Week (August 15 – 21).

Rail Safety Week is an Australasian Railway Association / TrackSAFE initiative, that aims to raise awareness and knowledge in communities about the potentially devastating consequences of being complacent or disobeying rules around railways

The three key messages being promoted are:

  1. If you drop something on the tracks, ask for help.
  1. A shortcut across the railway line isn’t worth it. Stay off the tracks.

Passengers are advised to stay behind the yellow line on the platform at all times unless boarding and stay within the designated walkways when crossing the tracks.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings when around the train tracks.

Many commuters journey to work using public transport every day which increases the potential for people to become complacent around trains and railways.

Deaths and injuries on the rail network are avoidable if people simply obey the rules, and are aware and alert at all times.

You can get involved by downloading the Digital Toolkit to promote the campaigns key messages or for more information visit: