ICCWA and Balga Senior High School launch CRASY


The Injury Control Council of Western Australia (ICCWA) and staff and students from Balga Senior High School this month launched the short film CRASY – Creating Safety and Respect Among Youth with many of those who had been involved over the years in attendance.

The film examines the potentially lethal mix of underage drinking, violence and lack of parental supervision and what can go wrong when the three are combined.

The production and workshops which formed the basis of the film were conducted over a period of years and feature students, staff, members of police, ICCWA staff and community members, all of whom gave their time voluntarily to be part of the project.

Jointly funded by Healthway and the WA Police Strategic Crime Prevention Division, the film aims to educate parents of young people about the dangers and misconceptions surrounding the secondary supply of alcohol to minors.

Balga Senior High School Principal, Geoff Harris, who launched the film at the school on August 17 said he was extremely proud of the staff, and students past and present who had contributed to the film in so many ways.

“It has been an amazing collaborative team effort from so many people from the school, from the staff at ICCWA, from the local police and the community in general and we are very proud to be able to finally share the product of that hard work and dedication with the broader community,” he said.

“The film looks at the increasing normalisation and acceptance of alcohol and violence among our young people and also at how, often unwittingly, parents are contributing to this ongoing problem.”

He said he hoped the film might educate, not just young people, but parents and older adults in the community about the potentially deadly impact of supplying alcohol to under 18s.

To view the film click here.

If you would like to share the film with your school, group or organisation please contact Georgia Sweeting at ICCWA on (08) 9420 7212.