Mental Health Week 2016: Suicide Prevention Webinar for Local Government and Communities


Did you know that on average 2,577 Australians die as a result of suicide each year?

Alarmingly, suicide is the leading cause of avoidable death caused by injury type for adults 25-64 years.

Know Injury is urging all local governments to support Mental Health Week 2016 to help put a focus on and raise awareness about self-harm and suicide in the community.

This year Mental Health Week 2016, launched by the WA Association for Mental Health, in association with the Mental Health Commission and Lotterywest, will be marked by a series of events throughout Perth and Western Australia from October 9 to 15.

The campaign’s theme ‘Act Belong Commit’ encourages all West Australians to be active and develop a sense of purpose and belonging to contribute to happiness and good mental health.

As key community members on a local level, you and your colleagues can play an important role in ensuring all staff and local community members are aware of suicide prevention strategies that they can employ at home, in the workplace and the community in general and where they can go to access resources, help and information.

In support of Mental Health Week 2016 the Know Injury team will be delivering an online webinar with Tracy McCown from Suicide Prevention Australia. This webinar will provide you with a snapshot of the prevalence of suicide in Western Australia as well as explore the practical resources, tools and community programs that local governments and communities can use to help prevent suicide.

Click here to register.

Mental Health Week will feature more than 50 diverse events across Perth and regional and remote WA with successful grant applicants also holding events in their community.

Local Governments are urged to share the campaign message ‘together we can save lives’ and alert staff and community members to do one or more of the following:

  • To attend one or more of the WA Mental Health week events listed here
  • To organise their own event to put the spotlight on suicide and self-harm
  • To share and promote WA Mental Health Week both internally and externally
  • To purchase WAMH WA Mental Health Week 2016 resources
  • Attend one of the scheduled suicide prevention training or workshops
  • To share the hashtag #MHW2016 across social media
  • To access the Know Injury suicide fact sheets or
  • Share a list of community organisation and resources dealing with suicide and self-harm

For more information regarding suicide prevention and self-harm please refer to the Know Injury Knowledge Hub.

For more information about Mental Health Week 2016 and a schedule of events please visit