Don’t Drink and Drown this Summer


With Summer and the festive season approaching fast, the Royal Life Saving Society of WA reminds West Australians that consuming alcohol prior to any aquatic activity can significantly increase your risk of drowning.

On average four young people will lose their life to drowning and a further 10 will be hospitalised following a non-fatal drowning each year in Western Australia. Overall alcohol contributes to 30% of these incidents.

The alarming number of deaths among 15-24 year olds as a result of drowning prompted the Royal Life Saving Society of WA to establish the Don’t Drink and Drown campaign in 2004.

Every year since, the campaign has aimed to reduce the number of alcohol related drowning deaths and injuries in this high-risk age group through the promotion of the following Don’t Drink and Drown messages:

  • Know your limits
  • Only swim during the day and in well-lit areas
  • Never swim alone
  • Look after your mate

Alcohol increases your risk of drowning by impairing judgement and increasingly the likelihood of engaging in risk taking behaviour. It also reduces coordination and impairs reaction time. Together these factors can be fatal.

Drowning as a result of excessive alcohol consumption is preventable, the Royal Life Saving Society of WA and Know Injury implore individuals to act responsibly this Summer by scheduling swimming activities before you plan to drink, avoiding risky situations and looking after your mates.

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