Community Campaign Urges Drivers to Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride


The Shire of Esperance Roadwise Program, with support from the Road Safety Commission, has recently launched a new road safety campaign urging community members to stay safe on the roads this harvest season.

The campaign “Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride” reminds drivers to slow down on the roads during the communities busiest time of year; the grain harvesting period.

The campaign video (available to view here) features members of the community and a poem that communicates the importance of reducing speed when behind trucks during harvest time, rather than attempting to overtake.


“Let’s get through this season, a community together,

Avoid the pain that road trauma brings, the scars that last forever”.


The full poem, Enjoy the Ride, can be viewed here.

The campaign, funded by a $20,000 Road Safety Commission Community Grant, also included a community breakfast and yoga event that was held during the Sunday market in Esperance. The event was a timely reminder to slow down and enjoy life at the right pace.

Local coffee retailers are also supporting the Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride campaign by featuring the “Enjoy the Ride” logo on take-away coffee cups at promotional events in the community.

Why should we slow down on the road?

Speeding is the most common problematic behaviour of drivers. The risk of crashing and the severity of injury increase with higher speeds of travel. Decreasing speed can therefore reduce the risk of road crashes and decrease the severity of injuries sustained in crashes that do occur.

For more information about the impact of road trauma in West Australia visit the Know Injury Knowledge Hub:

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