Know Injury puts the spotlight on the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF)

Know Injury’s Connect program looks at ways you can connect with different people, groups and organisations in the community.

Our focus is on connecting like-minded individuals and organisations to prevent injuries from occurring.

Over the next few months we will put the spotlight on an individual or organisation in the injury prevention sector and let them share their story and what they hope to achieve through their work in the sector and to find out how others can reach out and connect with them.

This week Know Injury talks to Paraplegic Benefit Fund’s Injury Prevention Manager, Symon Still, who has worked in the injury prevention sector for 13 years.

Symon says the main thing he hopes to achieve through his work with PBF is ultimately for less traumatic spinal cord injuries to occur and to improve both the quality and reach of the organisation’s injury prevention programs.

“I’d also like to see more employment opportunities created for people living with spinal cord injuries,” he says.

In terms of what others in the sector or the wider community may not know about PBF, Symon says many people may not be aware that the organisation has worked for 20 years to reduce the impact of sustaining a spinal cord injury.

“We then expanded our mission to include prevention, so potentially many people may not be aware that our injury prevention programs exist and how to access them,” Symon says.

He says PBF initially focused on road safety then extended to support workplace occupational health and safety programs, then to aquatic safety in primary schools, before moving on to support other existing programs like the PARTY program at Royal Perth Hospital and the RAC bstreetsmart event, both of which are aimed at high school students.

“Last year nationally our programs spoke directly to more than 45,000 people and in 2017 we are aiming to reach more than 50,000.”

Symon says he has enjoyed connecting with others in the injury prevention sector through the Know Injury program.

“I hope that going forward the PBF Injury Prevention program can partner effectively with other organisations to improve their reach and the quality of the programs that we offer.”