Do you know Kidsafe WA?

Familiarising yourself with local organisations dedicated to injury prevention is an important step in developing your networks and connections in injury prevention. We took some time to speak to those working in injury prevention to introduce themselves and talk a little about what they do. This month, we caught up with Kidsafe WA to discuss the importance of injury prevention for those under 15.

What do you aim to achieve through your work at Kidsafe WA?

Kidsafe WA is the leading independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting safety and preventing childhood injuries and accidents in Western Australia. Injuries are the leading cause of death in Australian children aged one to fourteen, accounting for nearly half of all deaths in this age group. More children die of injury than die of cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined. Many of these deaths and injuries can be prevented. Kidsafe WA works in the community to educate and inform parents and children on staying safe at home, at play and on the road.

What’s something that people might not know about Kidsafe WA or your programs?

Each year 27 Western Australian children under the age of 15 die from injury and a further 7,000 children are hospitalised1

What would you like people to connect with you about?

Home Safety
– Falls
– Burns & Scalds
– Poisons
– Choking & Suffocation
– Energy Safety

Play Safety
– Playgrounds
– Sport
– Trampolines

Road Safety
– Child Car Restraints
– Pedestrians
– Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards
– Hot Cars
– Driveway safety

How can people contact you?

Visit, or email for information.
You can also call 08 6244 4880 or visit us at 140 Railway Parade, West Leederville WA 6007



  1. Leeds M, Richards J, Stepan A, Xiao A, Skarin D. Western Australia Childhood Injury Report [Internet]. Perth, WA: Kidsafe WA, Epidemiology Branch Department of Health WA, Injury Surveillance Princess Margaret Hospital Emergency Department; 2015 Nov.