Health Promotion Strategic Framework 2017-2021

In WA in 2011 it is estimated that 435,000 years of healthy life were lost due to chronic disease or injury leading to premature death or disability1. Working towards reducing this prevalence, the WA Department of Health has released the Western Australian Health Promotion Strategic Framework 2017-2021.

Guided by the four principles of; adopting a comprehensive whole-of-population approach, working in partnership and building capacity, intervening early and throughout life, and promoting equity and inclusivity, the framework aims to lower the incidence of avoidable chronic disease and injury in WA by facilitating improvements in health behaviours and environments.

Noting that injuries are responsible for around 1,000 deaths, 50,000 hospitalisations and more than 250,000 emergency department presentations each year in WA2, the framework identifies ‘preventing injury and promoting safer communities’ as one of its six priority areas.

Within the injury priority the framework outlines seven sub-priorities;

  • Protect children from injury
  • Prevent falls in older people
  • Reduce road crashes and road trauma
  • Improve safety in, on and around water
  • Reduce interpersonal violence
  • Develop the injury prevention and safer communities sector
  • Monitor emerging issues in injury prevention.

In addition to these the framework acknowledges the need for targeted interventions for those at higher risk of experiencing an injury including Aboriginal people, people who live in regional or remote areas and people who live in disadvantaged areas.

For more information about the states strategic plan and the prevalence of chronic disease and injury in WA, access the Western Australian Health Promotion Strategic Framework 2017 – 2021.





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