Health Tracker tool informs service planning

Australia’s Health Tracker by Area is an interactive online tool allowing users to map data by Population Health Areas, Primary Health Networks, and Local Government Areas for a range of chronic diseases and injury, including suicide and factors that contribute to injury, such as alcohol. In addition to providing the latest national data for chronic conditions, the map allows users to search the data by chronic disease risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and alcohol.

Not only does the Tracker offer raw data, it also outlines the data alongside Australia’s 2025 health targets, providing an assessment of how Australia’s current population is faring in comparison to the 2025 targets. Utilising this local data, the Tracker can be used as a tool to inform service planning, research and to compare injury-related health conditions across regions and local governments.

Given that alcohol was the cause of 17% of injury-related fatalities, 11.8% of injury-related hospitalisations and 32% of injury-related emergency department presentations in WA in 2012,the ability to obtain local data relating to alcohol consumption levels is one of the valuable features of the Tracker to injury prevention and community safety practitioners. Additionally, the Tracker provides users with an opportunity to analyse the 1,581 deaths from suicide in WA in 2010–2014 on a local level, which will greatly assist practitioners in planning suicide prevention interventions.

To learn more about the current health conditions in your area access Australia’s Health Tracker by Area today.


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Image source: Australian Health Policy Collaboration