Western Australian State Trauma Registry Report 2015

The Royal Perth Hospital trauma registry includes all trauma patients who present to Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) for treatment within seven days of their trauma and who were hospitalised for more than 24 hours at RPH. To help inform trends, priorities and the state of trauma hospital admissions in Western Australia (WA)1, RPH utilised the registry’s data to develop the WA State Trauma Registry Report 2015.

The report highlights that in 2015 there were 5,524 trauma admissions collated in the registry. Despite a 13.1% decrease in the total number of hospital trauma admissions in 2015, compared to 2014, the number of major trauma admissions increased by 4.4% from 2014.

Some population groups were overrepresented in admissions. Males were overrepresented in both the total number of trauma admissions (65.8%) and major trauma admissions (86%)2. Also, when analysing patient’s date of birth, the 15-24 year old age group contributed to the largest number of major traumas in 2015 (33%), followed by the 25-34 years age group at 17.5%.

The most common cause of trauma was falls, accounting for 1,779 of all trauma admissions, followed by motor vehicle and motor bike accidents (1,213) and sporting/recreational (778). Once admitted, the average length of stay for major trauma patients was 13 days, whilst for minor trauma patients it was four days.

Alcohol and drug use was a continuing risk factor for trauma admissions, with 19.8% of all trauma admissions documenting alcohol/drug use in the 12 hours prior to their trauma event.  Of these admissions the majority (69.1%) were unintentional injuries, whilst 24.4% were documented as personal assault and/or domestic violence and 5% as self-harm.

For further information regarding Royal Perth Hospital’s trauma admissions in 2015, read the full report here.


1The registry does not collate poisoning and drug overdose admissions

2 Major traumas are those which are classified as having an injury severity score greater than 15.