McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth – updated factsheets

This week the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth released an updated series of factsheets on alcohol and young people. The factsheets in this series outline the latest facts on a range of topics including; drinking patterns and harms, alcohol and young people and alcohol advertisements.

Research included in the factsheets indicate that despite WA having a lower proportion of people who don’t drink,1 Western Australians are more likely to consume alcohol at levels which places them at risk of long term harm.1 It is also important to note that Western Australians have a higher per capita consumption of alcohol compared to the Australian average, leading to an increased risk for injury related to alcohol consumption2. Given that alcohol is a leading risk factor for injury, increased awareness on strategies to prevent alcohol related injury and safe practice are important.

In WA in 2012 alcohol was involved in 32% of emergency department visits, 17.5% of injury fatalities and 11.8% of non-fatal injury hospitalisations in WA in 20123. The factsheets highlight a range of other WA injury related statistics including;

  • Up to 60% of Royal Perth Hospital burns unit patients are there because of alcohol.4
  • 33 people are hospitalised each week in WA due to alcohol-related assaults.5
  • 32% of all fatalities on WA roads in 2016 involved alcohol6.

For more information about the impact of alcohol on the Western Australian community, click here to view the factsheets.

Image – Alcohol: Drinking patterns and harms in Australia and WA. (2017). McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth


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