Get to know the Policy and Sector Support team at Injury Matters

If you’re interested in injury prevention in Western Australia (WA), we encourage you to get to know the Policy and Sector Support team at Injury Matters.

The team is responsible for Know Injury, a capacity building program funded by the State Government through the Department of Health. Know Injury provides knowledge, training, resources, and networking opportunities aimed at preventing injuries in WA.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Policy and Sector Support team if you need support to conduct injury prevention activities in WA.

Christine Smith manages the Policy and Sector Support team and is responsible for managing public policy and advocacy projects, research and evaluation, business development and sector support programs and services.  Christine overseas the direction, delivery and evaluation of the Know Injury program and seeks to engage with, and build the capacity of the injury prevention sector. Christine coordinates networking opportunities for Know Injury, including the Regional Network Group. Christine is keen to further develop and enhance partnerships, opportunities and initiatives that contribute to a reduction in injury rates and welcomes you to contact her to discuss your ideas and any networking needs.

Catrina Wold and Roisin Sweeney have access to the latest research and surveillance data on injury in WA. They produce fact sheets and other evidence reviews for injury prevention practitioners, and coordinate evaluation activities. The team also develop the injury prevention campaign toolkits that help local governments and community organisations promote injury prevention messages to their communities.  Roisin is also responsible for the Connect.ed networking program and the Know Injury eDirectory.  If you need to access information about injury in WA or would like to find out more about their other projects, contact Catrina or Roisin.

Amy Lampard and Alyson Elari coordinate the training opportunities provided by Know Injury, including metropolitan and regional training events and the regional travel grants.  Amy coordinates and drafts policy submissions for Know Injury and oversees Safe Communities training opportunities.  Alyson coordinates the monthly enews and participates in local government networks.  The team are always keen to support local governments to conduct injury prevention activities. Contact Amy or Alyson to discuss your training needs in injury prevention in WA.

Joanne Graham-Smith is responsible for identifying funding opportunities to grow Injury Matters and its associated programs by securing grants and developing other income streams that support the organisation’s aim and objectives.  Joanne is also interested in establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial professional relationships and partnerships, particularly with government, non-government, research and other agencies working in injury prevention in WA.


Christine Smith, A/Manager Policy and Sector Support,

Catrina Wold, Evidence and Practice Lead,

Roisin Sweeney, Evidence and Practice Officer,

Dr Amy Lampard, Policy and Sector Support Lead,

Alyson Elari, Policy and Sector Support Officer,

Joanne Graham-Smith, Grants and Funding Coordinator,