Know Injury Fact Sheets

Know Injury is proud to release a range of new injury fact sheets with current evidence and data for: falls, road transport, drowning, violence, suicide and self-harm, burns and scalds, and poisoning.

Significant findings amongst the new and updated information include:

  • The leading injury related deaths from 2009-2013 included suicide and self-harm (1,542 fatalities), falls (995 fatalities) and transport (926 fatalities).
  • Leading hospitalisations were falls (115,893) and transport (39,242) related injuries between 2010-2014.
  • The leading injury cost in 2014 from hospitalised bed days was due to falls injuries ($183,574,797), followed by transport related injuries ($71,548,665).
  • Aboriginal people make up 3.1% of the population in Western Australia, 44.75% of assault hospitalisations, 16.2% of burns and scalds hospitalisations, and 10.7% of suicide and self-harm hospitalisations were Aboriginal people between 2010-2014.
  • In the regional areas, the Kimberley was higher in all injury areas compared to the WA State rate, with burns and scalds (247% higher) and violence (895% higher) notably higher than the WA State rate.
  • Assault was also markedly higher in the Pilbara (162% greater), Midwest (110% higher), Goldfields (60% higher), and Wheatbelt (10% higher) than the state rate.
  • Males had higher injury hospitalisations for transport (69.5% of hospital separations), burns and scalds (64% of hospital separations), drowning (63.1% of hospital separations), and assault (62.3% of hospital separations). Whilst females had higher suicide and self-harm (63.7% of hospital separations) and falls (55.6% of hospital separations) hospitalisations.

These updated Know Injury fact sheets can help to guide you in understanding injury priorities.

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