Royal Perth Hospital falls admissions

As the designated provider of major trauma services for adults in Western Australia, Royal Perth Hospital treat approximately 80 per cent of Western Australia’s major trauma cases.

To assist in patient care, resource planning, evaluation and research, the Royal Perth Hospital Trauma Registry (RPH-TR) collates and reports on injury data.

The RPH-TR recently released the following information sheet, An overview of falls admissions to Royal Perth Hospital since 2007, on falls specific data of presentations within the trauma unit from 2007 to 2016. The document outlines that 1,855 patients were admitted to Royal Perth Hospital in 2016 due to a fall, with a median length of stay of four days. Other insightful findings from the RPH-TR regarding the 2016 falls admissions include:

  • 8% had a fall from a standing position
  • 13% had consumed alcohol
  • 10% were transferred to another hospital
  • 3% died in hospital

This up to date information helps to give us a greater understanding of how falls impact the community and directions for future initiatives.

For more information about falls Royal Perth Hospital admissions due to falls or to find out more about the RPH-TR click here.