WA children sporting injury hospitalisation

Participation in sporting activities offers children numerous health benefits, however participation in sport can also result in an injury. Exploring the incidence of sporting injury presentations to Princess Margaret Hospital’s Emergency Department (PMH ED), Kidsafe WA recently released a research report exploring this topic.

As indicated in the infographic below from the childhood sporting injuries report, 39,541 children were seen at PMH ED for an injury from July 2007 to June 2017 due to a range of different sporting activities, with Australian Football League being the leading cause.

When analysing the demographics of children presenting to PMH ED, children aged 10 to 14 years had the greatest risk of sustaining an injury during sporting participation, accounting for 57.6% of all sporting injury presentations. Similar to the overall injury presentation rate, males were overrepresented for sporting injury hospitalisations, contributing to 66% of all PMH ED sporting injury presentations.

Recognising that sporting injury hospital presentations contributed to over one fifth of all children’s injury presentation, within the report Kidsafe WA outline a number of preventative measure which can be taken to reduce the risk of children obtaining a sporting injury, including ensuring children wear appropriate protective equipment, stay hydrated and cool down after exercising. To find out more about these suggestions and for further data regarding sporting injury presentations to PMH ED download Kidsafe WA’s report here.




Kays A, McKenna J, Skarin D. Kidsafe WA Childhood Injury Research Report: Sporting Injuries. Perth, WA: Kidsafe WA (AU); 2018.