National Farm Safety Week

Each year Farmsafe Australia facilitate National Farm Safety Week to raise awareness of farm safety issues across Australia. This year National Farm Safety Week is running from 16th – 22nd July focusing on the theme “Innovative, Safe and Healthy”.

In addition to generating awareness of safe farm activities Farmsafe Australia have a number of resources available to support people to behaviour safely when on a farm. One of these resources is the free Farmsafe Induction Tool which provides an online checklist for new employees to complete to increase their knowledge of how to behave safely on the farm. To ensure the safety behaviours reflect that of the individual farm, farm owners / managers are able to customise the tool to reflect their farms operations.

The Safety Induction Tool asks a number of questions relating to the dangers on the farm, what behaviours are expected of workers, what safety equipment is required and how equipment should be used safely.

To complete the Farmsafe Safety Induction Tool today click here.