Injury hospitalisations to WA children

Injury was the cause of 28.7% of children’s attendance at the Perth Children Hospital Emergency Department from July 2017 to June 2018. In partnership with the Perth Children’s Hospital Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Unit, Kidsafe WA recently released the 2017-2018 Annual Data Report, which analyses the demographics, causality and treatment of these injuries.

The following infographic from the report provides an overview of the findings from the 2017-2018 Annual Data Report.

Following the report’s findings, some of the key recommendations noted by Kidsafe WA to are to;

  • Continue to investigate opportunities for childhood injury surveillance data collection at additional hospitals.
  • Deliver ongoing injury prevention initiatives for all children, with specific focus on children under five years of age and teenagers.
  • Conduct further research into childhood sporting injuries, and factors mediating injury severity within different sports.


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Sherlock E, Skarin D, Tsvetkov A. Kidsafe WA Childhood Injury Bulletin: Annual Report 2017-2018 [Internet]. Perth, WA: Kidsafe WA (AUS); 2018 Dec. Available from: