2019 Western Australian Falls Report

Through the Stay On Your Feet® program, Injury Matters has developed the inaugural Western Australian Falls Report.

This report provides one document that captures the incidence of falls-related fatalities, hospitalisations, emergency department attendances and ambulance transportations due to falls in WA. The findings indicate that a Western Australian dies from a fall every 26 hours, is hospitalised due to a falls-related incident every 20 minutes and attends an emergency department every 12 minutes as the result of a fall.   

Alongside the high overall incidence of falls in WA the report found that older adults, individuals living in regional areas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experienced higher rates of falls-related injuries in WA in 2016 and 2017.

Thankfully, in WA there is a workforce of dedicated professionals and organisations, like Injury Matters, working across WA to reduce the incidence of falls and support Western Australians to maintain their quality of life and their independence. However, there is still opportunities to do more including; shifting attitudes towards falls, improving access to robust falls surveillance data and affordable evidence based strength and balance exercise options for older adults.

Download the 2019 WA Falls Report today, to learn more about the incidence of falls in WA.