Quad-bike, sport and recreation, and domestic and family violence related admissions to Royal Perth Hospital, 2010-2019

The Royal Perth Hospital Trauma Registry collects data regarding trauma patients who present to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment within seven days of obtaining an injury. The East Metropolitan Health Service regularly monitor the data collated within the Registry and produce injury topic-specific summary reports.

Royal Perth Hospital have recently produced three reports, summarising ten years of data regarding admissions to Royal Perth Hospital due to;

Overall, the reports highlight that from 2010 to 2019, there has been an increase in the number of admissions to Royal Perth Hospital due to sporting or recreation activities, and domestic and family violence, however there has been a decrease in the number of admissions due to quad-bike related incidents.

For a detailed analysis regarding the demographic of admissions, the causality of the injury, the severity of injury and length of stay in hospital, download the reports today.



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