WA Burden of Disease Study 2015

The Epidemiology Branch of the WA Department of Health and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) recently conducted the Western Australian Burden of Disease Study 2015 to provide an assessment of the impact of diseases, injuries and risk factors for the whole population, health regions and the Aboriginal population. Utilising several data collections, the Study includes reference to fatal and non-fatal indicators across 216 diseases and injuries.

The Study found that in 2015, 185 years of healthy life were lost per 1,000 people in Western Australia (WA) due to individuals living with or dying prematurely from disease, injury or other health-related conditions.

When focusing in on injury, the Study highlights that injury was the fifth leading cause of burden, contributing to 11% of the total burden (DALY) in 2015. In particular, the Study highlighted the burden that suicide and self-inflicted injuries has in WA, with 18,439 DALY it was the fourth leading contributor to the total burden (DALY) in 2015.

For more information regarding the burden of disease in WA in 2015, click here to access the full report.