Children and Injury in WA

Unfortunately, more Western Australian children died due to an injury than cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined between 2011 and 2015. Injuries are a leading cause of hospitalisation amongst children, with 40,015 children hospitalised due to an injury in WA between 2011 and 2015. Falls, mechanical forces and transport incidents contributed to the highest proportion of these hospitalisations. 

Highlighting the incidence of injuries among children in regional WA, Kidsafe have recently released the “Injuries to Children in Regional Locations 2011-2015” report. The report identified that transport accidents, burns and scalds, and intentional self-harm incidents are of particular concern among children in regional WA. Factors that may contribute to the high prevalence of injury in regional areas include:

  • Exposure to occupational hazards such as farming and mining settings.
  • Exposure to a diverse range of environmental hazards.
  • Increased amounts of long-distance vehicle travel.
  • Further distances to adequate medical facilities.
  • Greater proportion of individuals within high risk injury populations, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and individuals with a low socio-economic status.

Along with Kidsafe’s report on injuries to children in regional locations, Kidsafe WA have released a bulletin on animal-related injuries and a report on trampoline injuries. Access these reports to learn more about the incidence of injury among children and for recommendations regarding the prevention of injuries in these areas.



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