Keeping CONNECT.ed

As we progress through different stages of our career, it is helpful to build our professional networks to ensure that we are always learning and remain connected. Professional networking can be difficult to organise, time-consuming and expensive, however, through CONNECT.ed, Injury Matters can help you out by taking those first steps for you.

CONNECT.ed is a free networking tool that matches participants together, bimonthly, for a 15-minute chat to help build their professional network.

Networking is important throughout every stage of our careers, as the way we learn and the places we work continuously change. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a CEO, you have experience to share and you never know what you can learn.

CONNECT.ed does the hard work for you, because making new connections is not always easy.

Valued participant, Ioni Lewis, has found CONNECT.ed to be very valuable, stating;

I signed up when attending the Injury Prevention Conference in Ballarat.

I thought it sounded like a great initiative with which to connect with others working in similar fields and, potentially, the opportunity for mentorship and sharing experiences and lessons learned as well as helping to identify avenues for future collaborations.

Overall and in two words, I have found CONNECT.ed to be – “most positive”. I think my initial impression was correct in that it is a great means to meet with others working in injury prevention. I think it is a great initiative!

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