Know Injury Resource Data Update

Injury affects everyone across the state of Western Australia, some disproportionately compared to others, and across varying injury topics. Understanding the incidence of injury topics and who the high-risk population groups are is a vital step in reducing the impact of injury in WA.  

Injury Matters, through the Know Injury program, has recently updated our range oresources regarding the incidence of injury across the state and within the different regions of WA. 

Collating injury hospitalisation data from 2015 to 2019, the updated resources highlight that the Kimberley region continues to be represented disproportionately in injury hospitalisations, with large increases in all types of injury, especially assault and intentional self-harm.  

Whilst fatality data for 2014 to 2018 indicates that the leading causes of injury fatality across the state were; intentional self-harm (n=1,833), falls (n=1,573), poisoning (n=895) and transport (n=895).  

To know the incidence of injury in your region and what you can do to reduce its prevalence, view the updated Injury Topic and Regional Resource Kits here.