Know Injury eNews | May 2021

In this edition of the Know Injury eNews (May 2021):

  1. KNOW | Injury Topic Factsheets
  2. LEARN | Looking after yourself: Self-care the key to reducing professional burnout – Kalgoorlie
  3. LEARN | Scooter-related Injury webinar
  4. CONNECT | Connect with local injury prevention and safety promotion activities
  5. CONNECT | Local Government – Family and Domestic Violence Event
  6. CONNECT | Keeping CONNECT.ed

Injury Topic Factsheets

Injury affects everyone across the state of Western Australia, some disproportionately compared to others, and across varying injury topics. Understanding the incidence of injury topics and who the high-risk population groups are is a vital step in reducing the impact of injury in WA.

Injury Matters, through the Know Injury program, has recently updated our range of resources regarding the incidence of injury across the state and within the different regions of WA.


Looking after yourself: Self-care the key to reducing professional burnout – Kalgoorlie

  • Tuesday 25th May at 1:00pm – 3:30pm
  • Rydges Hotel, Kalgoorlie

Join Injury Matters for the ‘Looking after yourself: Self-care the key to reducing professional burnout workshop’. The self-care workshop is for the health and community services workforce and provides a proactive approach to equip you with the tools you need to ensure your own mental health and wellbeing.

The workshop will be facilitated by Melissa Nicholls and Alyson Elari from Injury Matters, Road Trauma Support WA.



WEBINAR | Scooter-related Injuries

Healthy liveable cities have us transitioning to new modes of transport, each with its own risk of injury. As commuters look to new ways of getting from A to B, new efficiencies can lead to new and increased injuries.

Injury Matters and the Australasian Injury Prevention Network are hosting a free Scooter Safety webinar on Thursday the 3rd of June, which will provide information on e-scooters and mobility scooters and how we can improve safety and prevent injury.

Joined by Professor Kristen Vallmuur from the Queensland University of Technology and Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith from Monash University, you will hear from two experts in the space.


Connect with local injury prevention and safety promotion activities

Campaigns can be an efficient and effective tool for safety promotion by increasing awareness among the community on a particular topic or issue and can have the potential to reach a large audience. Get involved in an injury prevention or safety promotion campaign and promote the cause to your community by running activities, events or getting active on social media.


Local Government – Family and Domestic Violence Event

WALGA and the Local Government Community Safety Network Working Group are hosting an event focusing on the topic of family and domestic violence on Tuesday, 18 May.


Keeping CONNECT.ed

As we progress through different stages of our career, it is helpful to build our professional networks to ensure that we are always learning and remain connected. Professional networking can be difficult to organise, time-consuming and expensive, however, through CONNECT.ed, Injury Matters can help you out by taking those first steps for you.

CONNECT.ed is a free networking tool that matches participants together, bimonthly, for a 15-minute chat to help build their professional network.


Child Injury Prevention Symposium

Join Kidsafe WA on May 18 to learn about the changes, challenges and accomplishments in Western Australian child injury prevention over the last four decades.



From preventing problem behaviours to catering for errors: WA road safety progress, aspirations and research.

Presented by Iain Cameron, Chairman of the Western Australian Road Safety Council, this presentation, will summarise the road safety results achieved in WA between 2008 and 2020 under the Towards Zero Strategy, where the gains have been made and outline the current situation/trends and the challenges and opportunities to 2030.


World Health Organisation’s new falls prevention resource

“Step safely: strategies for preventing and managing falls across the life-course” is a centralised document that outlines the growing evidence that many falls are preventable and that prevention efforts are effective. The document contains a range of evidence-informed interventions that a number of falls prevention professionals can implement to reduce the incidence of falls among at-risk population groups.



National Road Safety Week 2021

National Road Safety Week is coming up on the 16 May and runs until the 23 May. All road users are encouraged to the pledge for road safety. Social media themes and resources are available to any organisation to promote the cause through their website below.


Fatality Free Friday 2021

Fatality Free Friday follows soon after on 28th May. Since 2007, the Fatality Free Friday campaign has continued to expand its operation and is now recognised as Australia’s largest national community-based road safety program.