Kidsafe Childhood Injury Bulletins & Reports

Kidsafe WA have released three reports highlighting childhood injury topics, providing an essential link between the hospital and injury prevention stakeholders. The recently released reports cover:

The reports highlight the number of childhood injury admissions to Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) between 2015-2020. During this period:

  • 5,233 children presented to PCH ED with an injury related to the playground. 
  • Falls accounted for just over 70 percent of all playground-related injuries from 2015 to 2020.
  • 2,025 intentional injury presentations to PCH ED.
  • Intentional self-harm accounted for 78.3% of intentional injuries.
  • Alleged assault accounted for 20.6% of intentional injuries.
  • 2,736 small-wheeled device-related injury presentations to PCH ED.
  • Scootering is the most common activity leading to small-wheeled device-related injuries, followed by skateboarding.
  • Only 5.6 percent of children injured while riding a small-wheeled device were reported as wearing a helmet.

For more information, access the full reports here.