Know Injury supports the various national, state and local, injury prevention and safety promotion campaigns that are run throughout the year. Campaigns can be an efficient and effective tool for increasing awareness amongst the community on a particular topic or issue and can have the potential to reach a large audience. Campaigns can run for a whole month, a week or even for one day.

Know Injury encourages you to get involved in an injury prevention or safety promotion campaign and promote the cause to your community by running activities, events or getting active on social media.

Know Injury has developed media toolkits to support Local Governments, community organisations and regional services participate in injury prevention and community safety campaigns.  You’ll find everything you need to get started within the toolkits. Check back regularly as additional toolkits will become available throughout the year.

Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Media Toolkits

Quad Bike Toolkit

Quad bikes are commonly used by farmers, local governments, search and rescue teams, recreation clubs and tourism companies to assist with a variety of activities. Download the toolkit today and learn how you can prevent quad bike injuries.

Youth Injury Prevention Toolkit 

Injury is one of the leading causes of fatality and hospitalisation among Western Australian Youth. Download the toolkit to learn what you can do to prevent the common causes of injury among young adults in WA.

Snake Bite Prevention Toolkit

Leading into summer, snakes can be more active as they; have left their winter locations in search for food or a mate, and being cold-blooded reptiles they rely on the sun for their body heat. Download the toolkit today to access a range of activities that you can do to increase awareness of the importance of safe behaviours to preven snake bites.

‘Keep Watch’ Toolkit

The Royal Life Saving Society Australia’s Keep Watch program aims to reduce the incidence of toddler drowning in the community. Download the Keep Watch toolkit today to learn how you can get involved in campaign activities.

Falls Prevention Toolkit

To coincide with the Build Your Balance campaign (September – November 2017) by Stay On Your Feet®, our falls prevention toolkit aims to raise awareness of falls prevention among older adults. Download the Build Your Balance toolkit today to learn how you can get involved in campaign activities.

National Farm Safety Week Toolkit

National Farm Safety Week is held each year throughout July to raise awareness of farm safety issues across Australia. Download the toolkit today to learn how you can get involved in campaign activities.

National Burns Awareness Month Toolkit

The National Burns Awareness Month (1-30 June) aims to drive greater awareness amongst the Australian community of the correct first aid treatment for minor burns. Download the toolkit today to learn how you can get involved in campaign activities.

This calendar provides a range of injury prevention campaigns or awareness days, running in Western Australia or Australia. Health practitioners are encouraged to link local activities with these campaigns. In each campaign you will find a toolkit with all the information you need to inform your audiences and link with other organisations.


Injury Topic






Ongoing Drowning Don’t Drink and Drown Royal Life Saving WA Link to site Western Australia Drinking alcohol in, on and around water will significantly increase the risk of drowning. The alarming number of deaths among 15-24 year olds led to the Royal Life Saving Society WA establishing the Don’t Drink and Drown campaign in 2004.The campaign aims to reduce the number of alcohol related drowning deaths and injuries in this high-risk age group by educating and promoting the Don’t Drink and Drown messages.
 Ongoing Drowning Keep Watch Royal Life Saving WA  Link to site Western Australia Keep Watch aims to reduce the incidence of toddler drowning in the community. Keep Watch is Royal Life Saving Society WA’s longest running program was introduced in Western Australia in 1996, a year that saw 14 toddlers drown across the state.

The program was originally conceived solely as a mass media campaign but additional strategies were added to strengthen the program’s influence and ensure it is reaching parents effectively.

Ongoing Alcohol-related Harm Parents, Young People and Alcohol ‘I See’ Drug and Alcohol Office Link to site Australia The campaign’s key message is based on the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) guideline that for children and young people under 18 years of age, not drinking alcohol is the safest option. Alcohol consumption as an adolescent or young adult is associated with physical injury including accidental and violent injury. Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of developing mental health and social problems, especially when a person starts drinking at a young age.
 Ongoing Alcohol-related Harm Strong Spirit Strong Future Drug and Alcohol Office Link to site  Australia  The Strong Spirit Strong Future campaign is an initiative of the Drug and Alcohol Office’s State-wide Aboriginal Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Prevention Project. The Project was funded by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Indigenous Early Childhood Development National Partnership Agreement funding for four years and commenced in July 2010.It promotes that the safest thing to do when pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding, is not to drink alcohol.
 Ongoing Alcohol-related Harm Strong Spirit Strong Mind Drug Aware  Link to site Australia  Strong Spirit Strong Mind promotes the uniqueness of Aboriginal culture as a central strength in guiding efforts to manage and reduce alcohol and other drug related harm in Aboriginal communities.
Strong Spirit Strong Mind is a culturally secure campaign which focuses on the impact of alcohol and other drug use on the individual’s physical health and the impact on family and community.
 Ongoing Drug-related Harm Meth Can Take Control Drug Aware Link to site Australia  The campaign aims to prevent and delay the uptake of methamphetamine use and stop use. The campaign also aims to increase access to treatment and support services.The Campaign is based on real stories and experiences of people across Western Australia who shared their experiences so they could help others stop meth taking control.
Ongoing Youth/Child Safety Home Safety Campaigns KidSafe WA Link to site Western Australia The home safety program runs a focused campaign targeting specific child injury issues with the support of the WA Department of Health. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and reduce the rates of childhood injuries by keeping specific injuries that continue to have high rates at front of mind.
Ongoing Youth/Child Safety Do Not Leave Children in Cars KidSafe WA Link to site Western Australia Kidsafe WA’s ‘Do Not Leave Children in Cars’ campaign aims to raise community awareness and reduce the number of children left unattended in parked cars in Western Australia.
Ongoing Violence Respect Australian Government Link to site Australia The national campaign aims to help break the cycle of violence by encouraging adults to reflect on their attitudes, and have conversations about respect with young people.

The campaign is aimed at parents and family members of children aged 10–17, as well as the teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers of young people.

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