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Homelessness and injury

By • October 7th, 2019

On any given night in Western Australia, approximately 9,000 people are homeless. With family and domestic violence being the number one reason that people seek homelessness assistance in WA and 1 in 6 people who present to Royal Perth Hospital’s Homelessness Team having a primary diagnosis of injury, injury is both a driver of homelessnessmore…

Preventing violence against women

By ROAD TRAUMA SUPPORT WA • September 9th, 2019

On average, a woman is killed by a partner or former partner every week in Australia.1 To support women impacted by relationship and family violence in Geraldton, Desert Blue Connect provides counselling, support, advocacy and crisis accommodation for women impacted by violence. In addition to providing support to women who are affected by violence, Desertmore…

The Western Australian Mental Health Promotion, Mental Illness, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Plan 2018-2025

By ROAD TRAUMA SUPPORT WA • November 29th, 2018

In partnership with a number of key stakeholders the Mental Health Commission recently released the Western Australian Mental Health Promotion, Mental Illness, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Plan 2018-2025. This prevention plan was identified as a requirement within the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025 to address mental health, alcoholmore…

The Health Promotion Journal of Australia – Special Injury Edition

By • November 16th, 2018

The Health Promotion Journal of Australia recently published a special edition on Injury Prevention and Health Promotion. This is the second time that the Journal has published a special issue on injury prevention, following the first in 1991. The special edition promotes the importance of injury in Australia and contains articles on a range ofmore…

Know Injury Program 2014 – 2017

By • November 7th, 2017

With Know Injury entering into its fourth year of operation, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the first three years of the program and to thank those individuals and organisations that have participated in the evaluation of Know Injury.  Your participation in the Know Injury evaluation has provided insight into program activities, delivery, successes,more…

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