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Snake Bite Prevention Toolkit

By Injury Matters • November 17th, 2021

Leading into summer, snakes can be more active as they have left their winter locations in search for food or a mate, and being cold-blooded reptiles they rely on the sun for their body heat. Injury Matters urges all members of the public to be aware of correct first aid treatment of snake bites, and how tomore…

2021 National Drowning Report

By Injury Matters • September 24th, 2021

Royal Life Saving Australia has recently released the 2021 National Drowning Report, highlighting the incidence of fatal and non-fatal drowning across Australia between 1st July 2020 and 30th June 2021. The report found that 294 people lost their lives to drowning and estimates that an additional 674 people experienced a non-fatal drowning incident. To growmore…

Know Injury Program Highlights 2020/21 

By Injury Matters • August 5th, 2021

During the 2020/2021 financial year Injury Matters continued to grow the capacity of the WA injury prevention sector through the Know Injury program. With funding from the WA Department of Health, a variety of Know Injury activities were provided over the last twelve months, including;  the Injury Prevention Success in the West Summit for 103 participants,  21 workforce development opportunities to over 488 professionals,  consultations with 40 localmore…

Shire of Harvey Community Safety and Crime prevention workshop

By Injury Matters • May 25th, 2021

Over 50 stakeholders including representations from the Department of Justice, WA Police, St John Ambulance, Youth workers, local schools, WA Community Health Service, Headspace and Injury Matters, as well as interested community members attended the Community Safety and Crime Prevention workshop hosted by the Shire of Harvey on Thursday 13th May. The workshop involved smallmore…

Know Injury Resource Data Update

By Injury Matters • April 23rd, 2021

Injury affects everyone across the state of Western Australia, some disproportionately compared to others, and across varying injury topics. Understanding the incidence of injury topics and who the high-risk population groups are is a vital step in reducing the impact of injury in WA.   Injury Matters, through the Know Injury program, has recently updated our range of resources regarding the incidence of injury across the state and within the different regions of WA. more…

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