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We understand. Networking can be awkward, time consuming and costly. You have to find an event, travel, pay the registration fees and when you arrive you have to pluck up the courage ask others about their work and, worst of all, talk about yourself! With significant workloads, tight budgets, the tyranny of distance and the diversity of the injury prevention and community safety sector, it is surprising we have the energy to collaborate at all! Networking doesn’t have to be awkward, time consuming nor costly.

We have an opportunity for you. It’s called CONNECT.ed.

Know Injury believes that every practitioner is a valuable resource to their peers and that using a small amount of technology we can open an array of opportunities to learn of opportunities to learn from one another and build lasting partnerships.


To register simply follow the registration link to complete the application form. Once you have completed your registration you’ll receive a confirmation email with your Spark Collaboration account details. You will then be randomly paired to a like-minded practitioner, whether locally or nationally, and you will be given two months to arrange a 15 minute conversation with them.

15 minutes. That’s all!

The conversation could be about injury prevention, community safety or other topics of matter. (We provide some guidelines to help the conversation.)

What’s great about this network is that all the hard work is done for you – it’s just the cost of a phone or internet call (and maybe a coffee!) and only 15-minutes of your time. only 15 minutes of your time. No need to pay for event registration. No need to travel. What’s even better is that the ice has already broken before          you begin bevvc  a you begin because you are both there for a common purpose – to share your knowledge and skills with the injury prevention sector.

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CONNECT.ed registrations are now open. 

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Click here to view the CONNECT.ed Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here to view the CONNECT.ed Discussion Guidelines.

Click here to view the CONNECT.ed Confidentiality and Privacy Guidelines.


Built upon networks run by other agencies such as the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) CONNECT.ed is run by Know Injury Team which aims to enhance the capacity of injury prevention and community safety practitioners to deliver evidence-informed activities.

CONNECT.ed supports participants in establishing networking partnerships and developing their capacity to prevent injuries.