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26 Skua Grove Seville Grove, WA


0419 868 845



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The Choose Respect Network Limited exists to provide an opportunity for local people to connect and work together to use “Choose Respect” to explicitly foster a “Culture of Respect” in their homes, schools, work places and local community. Choose Respect is a common language and framework which provides a clear definition of Respect: “RESPECT IS TO TREAT WITH CARE AND CONSIDERATION”. Everyone deserves to be treated with this type of Respect, because of our worth and value as human beings. Choose Respect also provides a “CODE OF BEHAVIOUR” that gives an expression of what a “Culture of Respect” looks like. Every member of our community is encouraged to live by this code of behaviour. Many would regard the values expressed in this code as part of Australia’s common democratic way of life.

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  • State Wide
Target Groups
  • Whole Community
  • Sport and Recreation Safety
  • Undefined
  • Alcohol and Drug Related Harm
  • Suicide and Self Harm
  • Violence