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Sir Gairdner Hospital Hospital Avenue Nedlands, WA


13 11 26



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The WA Poisons Information Centre is a 24 hour, 7 days per week service, providing management advice to medical professionals and the general public on cases of actual or suspected poisoning. They also provide advice on the prevention of poisoning, drug information and the identification of toxic agents. Poisonings or suspected poisonings can involve a large range of toxic agents include animals, plants, fungi, pharmaceuticals (for both human and veterinary use), industrial chemicals, pesticides and other agro-chemicals, household cleaning products, cosmetics, food contaminants as well as environmental contaminants. The circumstances through which poisonings can occur include: accidental exposures involving children and adults to household cleaning products and medicines, bites and stings, therapeutic errors, workplace exposures, adverse reactions, environmental accidents and attempts of deliberate self harm.


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