Know Injury Events and Training

This calendar provides a list of upcoming Know Injury events and training.







Homelessness and Injury Monday,

23 September 2019

10am-11am Webinar Join Know Injury for the “Homelessness and Injury” webinar as John Berger, former CEO St Bartholomew’s House and committee member of the WA Alliance to End Homelessness and Dr Lisa Wood, Associate Professor, School of Population and Global Health UWA discuss the WA Strategy to End Homelessness.

The webinar will provide an overview of homelessness in Perth, and information on:

  • How prevention and early intervention of homelessness links to injury prevention.
  • Data, research and targets of homelessness which link to injury prevention and safe communities.
  • Strategies which will reduce homelessness in the community.
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Champions of Change Management Tuesday,

8 October 2019

9am-12pm Bendat Community Centre Wembley Join Know Injury for the “Champions of Change Management” workshop facilitated by Joel Levin as we learn about the value and benefits derived from design services and programs with engagement as a foundational principle.Change Management recognise that there are both structural and psychological barriers to effective change which are important to consider when planning and implementing strategies to improve community health and well-being.The workshop will be a practical focus on change management including strategies/methods and tools.The workshop aims to:

  • Increase understanding of the fundamentals of change management.
  • Increase knowledge in identifying the links between change management and community engagement.
  • Increase understanding of the key elements to consider when managing change.
  • Improve skills in developing strategies for sustainable change.
  • Increase capacity to plan and implement change management strategies within an injury prevention and/or safe communities context.    
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How culture promotes safety and violence prevention Tuesday,

29 October 2019

10am-11.30am Webinar Join Know Injury for the “How culture promotes safety and violence prevention” webinar as we learn about preventing violence against women.Presentations will be provided by Daphne White and Monica Puccetti from Desert Blue Connect who will discuss their Community Respect and Equality Project, and also Brooke O’Donnell from Our Watch who will discuss the Changing the Picture: preventing violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women National Framework.The webinar aims to:

  • Increase understanding of family violence in Australia
  • Increase knowledge of the gendered drivers and reinforcing factors of violence against women
  • Increase in awareness of community focused family violence prevention strategies
  • Increase capacity to plan and implement strategies which prevent family violence
  • Increased knowledge to identify the key actions we can take, and role we can all play in a coordinated national approach to prevent violence against women and children
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Promoting Safety and Injury Prevention with Multi-Cultural Communities Wednesday,

6 November 2019

9am – 1pm Bendat Community Centre Wembley Join Know Injury for the “Promoting Safety and Injury Prevention with Multi-Cultural Communities” workshop as we learn about working with culturally diverse communities to prevent injuries.The workshop will be a practical focus on working with multi-cultural (CaLD) communities to promote safety and injury prevention.The workshop aims to:

  • Provide an overview of the Perth refugee population, including people seeking asylum.
  • Increase understanding of appropriate ways to work with culturally diverse communities.
  • Increase knowledge of the impact of culture in planning and implementing programs/services which target injury prevention/safety promotion.
  • Improve skills in developing programs/services in consultation with CaLD communities.
  • Increase understanding of multicultural tools and resources are available.
Please contact Glenda Spain-Dixon [email protected] to register your interest.