Know Injury provide a range of training events throughout the year, some of which are online. To enable practitioners who were unable to attend these training events access the information at a later date, this page includes recordings of some Know Injury training events.

June 2021
Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith and  Professor Kirsten Vallmuur
Scooter-related Injury

December 2020
Julia Stafford, Cancer Council WA
Leading Change in Injury Prevention

December 2020
Jessica McKenna, Kidsafe WA
Leading Change in Injury Prevention

November 2020
Desert Blue Connect
Domestic and Family Violence

October 2020
Dr Liz Hanna
Climate Change and Injury Prevention

August 2020
Dr Sarah Harris
Concussion in Sports

May 2020
Professor Rod McClure
Injury Prevention in Australia

May 2020
Dr Sarah Harris
Hospitalised Sports Injury in Australia

May 2020
Elizabeth Langford
Domestic and Family Violence CALD

May 2020
Lifeline WA
Domestic and Family Violence 

May 2020
Dr Ben Beck
COVID-19 and Injury Prevention

November 2019
City of Albany, City of Melville
Active Ageing and Reducing Falls

October 2019
Daphne White and Monica Puccetti
How Culture Promotes Safety 

September 2019
Dr Lisa Wood, John Berger
Homelessness and Injury

May 2019
Deanna Eades, Robert Morrison et al.
Aboriginal Program Evaluation

May 2019
Dr Joe Claire
Safety and Crime

May 2019
Dr Michelle Hobday, Peter Palamara
Youth Transport Crashes and Injury

February 2019
Dr Peter Streker
Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm

February 2019
Kirstie Davis
LG & Family and Domestic Violence

November 2018
Poisons Info Centre, 777 Pharmacy
Preventing Medication Poisonings

November 2018
Curtin Uni, PHAIWA, City of Mandurah
Preventing Alcohol Related Harm

October 2018
ECU, Consultivation, Mentally Healthy WA
Reducing Social Isolation

July 2018
Professor Sheryl Hemphill
Preventing Youth Violence

June 2018
Alyson Elari and Sonya Clark
Engaging in Recreational Programs

May 2017
Vicky Dodds, Emma Hills, Gemma Turner, Sharon Bushby
Grants Forum