Esperance Evaluation Workshop


Nov 24 2016


8:00am - 3:00 pm


$99 per person


Group Room
Esperance Population Health
Forrest Street


Planning an effective evaluation can seem a daunting task.  If you work in community development or health promotion, we invite you to join Know Injury in a one-day work shop that will give you the knowledge and tools to save money, time and effort when conducting your project’s evaluation.  This workshop incorporates the WA Health Chronic Disease Directorate Research and Evaluation Framework so is great for any programs currently funded or tendering for funding.  Bring along your project and utilise the expertise in the room to plan your evaluation.


Presented by evaluation consultant Dr Stacey Waters, who has experience working with government and non-government organisations in designing and implementing program interventions, this workshop will increase your capacity and confidence to effectively evaluate your projects.


Download the event flyer.


At the heavily reduced price of $99 you will learn how to:

  • Understand the differences between process, impact and outcome evaluation
  • Identify the difference between research and evaluation
  • Write project goals and objectives
  • Understand the purpose of evaluation
  • Consider a range of factors when choosing the appropriate study design
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data
  • Develop surveys and other evaluation instruments
  • Apply the Department of Health’s REFIG model to your projects evaluation
  • Consider ethics in evaluation.

Regional Travel grants are available to support your attendance. Click here to apply for a grant.


Contact Know Injury on (08) 9420 7212 or for more information about the event or to request an invoice.  We’re also happy to discuss video conferencing options if this is of interest to you.


Registrations not open as yet