Top Trio Webinars Package


Feb 07 2017


10:00-11:00 a.m (WST)


$50 per person



Know Injury invites you to sign up for the series of three webinars presented by Alecia Hancock scheduled for November through to March next year.  Alecia is the founder of Hancock Creative, an award-winning social media and content agency, as well as an experienced educator and  respected university lecturer.  She knows her subject and she has real experience and practical tips that will help you navigate the world of social media to best advantage.


Module 1: ‘Blogging Basics’ (7/2/2017) provides a background on the who, why and how of blogging as well as quick tips to get you started.


Module 2:  How to  ‘Build a Brand’  (23/2/2017) focuses on developing your organisational profile, and touches on aspects such as winning awards, increasing media coverage and making those influential partnerships work for you.


Module 3: ‘The Social Media Tools You Can’t Live Without’ (28/3/17) tells you how to access the free (or really cheap) tools that will save you time and money, and achieve a better quality of content in the process.


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