Kidsafe WA Childhood Injury Bulletin: Burns and Scalds

By Injury Matters • December 4th, 2020

Posa, I., McKenna, J. & Sharin, D. Kidsafe WA Childhood Injury Bulletin: Burns and Scalds. Available from; (2020).

Fall Prevention Model of Care

By Injury Matters • December 3rd, 2020

Department of Health, Western Australia. Fall Prevention Model of Care. (2014). Available from;

Student survey trends in reported alcohol use and influencing factors in Australia

By • February 9th, 2018

This study utilised Australian student survey data to analyse trends in substance use and other associated influential factors. The findings indicate that substance use has decreased significantly from 1999 to 2015 and that these reductions may be associated with reductions in parents favourable attitudes towards substance use.   Reference: Toumbourou JW, Rowland B, Ghayour-Minaie M,more…

A rapid evidence review of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alcohol control policies: an English perspective.

By • February 9th, 2018

This evidence review found that an increase in alcohol price is associated with a decrease in the rate of consumption and that young people in particular are more sensitive to changes in alcohol price. Changes to alcohol trading hours and mass media campaigns were also found to influence consumption levels. The article concludes that amore…

Parental supply of alcohol and adolescent risky drinking

By • February 9th, 2018

This study concludes that there is an association between parental supply of alcohol for unsupervised drinking and risky drinking among adolescents aged between 13 and 17 years. Given this finding the authors suggest that parents and families may be a target for interventions aimed at reducing risky drinking among adolescents.   Reference: Gilligan C, Kyprimore…

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