Local Government


Injury is a leading cause of death and disability in Australia1, yet injuries can be prevented.  Local governments can play a significant role in developing, coordinating and delivering injury prevention and community safety policies and programs in their local area.


Professional development and training

Do you need support to build skills and knowledge in injury prevention, and related issues? Know Injury provides professional development seminars, forums, and workshops that are tailored for local government officers and managers, including those working in health promotion, community safety, community development, environmental health and marketing.

Examples include:

  • Reducing alcohol-related harm in your local area
  • Social marketing: how to use marketing principles to get your message out there and change behaviour
  • Using data to set injury prevention and community safety priorities for local governments
  • Evaluation and survey design

For details on upcoming training, see the Know Injury training and events page.

To find out about previous Know Injury events, view blogs about the events on the Know Injury news page.


Injury prevention media toolkits

Are you looking for tools to assist your local government to raise awareness about injury prevention in your local community? Know Injury provides local governments with media toolkits that make it easy to communicate with community members about injury prevention and encourage behaviour change. Toolkits contain social media templates for Facebook and Twitter, a blog post template, a media release template and links to additional resources.

Media toolkits are available to support the following campaigns:

  • June: National Burns Awareness Month
  • July: Farm Safety Week
  • September – November: Build Your Balance Falls prevention campaign
  • December: ‘Keep Watch’ toddler drowning prevention campaign



Connecting with fellow practitioners who have an interest in preventing injuries is a key component of community safety and injury prevention. Networking groups provide an opportunity to discuss trends, share resources, advocate, collaborate and increase your knowledge of injury prevention programs and policies.

There are a number of injury prevention networking groups for local governments including;


Safe Communities

The Australian Safe Communities Foundation describes a Safe Community in the following way:

“A Safe Community is one in which all sectors of the community work together in a coordinated and collaborative way, forming partnerships to promote safety, manage risk, increase the overall safety of all its members and reduce the fear of harm.  The key feature is the creation of a local infrastructure (i.e. coalition of community business, government and non-government leaders) that combine their resources and interests to address local concerns about injuries, crashes, anti-social behaviour and crime in a co-ordinated and sustainable manner.”2

The Foundation have a number of resources available including;



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