WA Poisons Information Centre

By • June 15th, 2015

  The WA Poisons Information Centre is a 24 hour, 7 days per week service, providing management advice to medical professionals and the general public on cases of actual or suspected poisoning. They also provide advice on the prevention of poisoning, drug information and the identification of toxic agents. Poisonings or suspected poisonings can involvemore…


By • June 15th, 2015

WorkSafe is working with employers, employees and employee representatives to set up and maintain systems of work so that employees are not exposed to hazards.

Auschem Training WA

By • June 15th, 2015

AusChem Training WA trains farmers and other chemical users to use chemicals more safely to protect their own health and those of their workers and family as well as the environment, to select the correct chemical for the weed/pest, use chemicals responsibly to not promote chemical resistance, apply chemicals accurately, comply with all legal requirementsmore…

Burn injury research unit / burns service of WA / Fiona Wood Foundation

By • June 15th, 2015

The Burn Injury Research Unit works in collaboration with the Burns Service of WA and the Fiona Wood Foundation to deliver care, prevention and research in the area of burn injury in both adults and children.

Safe Farms WA

By • June 15th, 2015

Safe Farms WA aims to support the farming sector, and is collaboratively forming strong partnerships and alliances to ensure and support continuous improvement and education in safety awareness and practices, which will improve farm business performance, efficiency and industry productivity.

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