Effects of restricting pub closing times on night-time assaults in an Australian city

By • February 9th, 2018

The results of this study indicate that restricting pub closing times could result in a reduction in alcohol-related violence. Restricting pub closing times to 3/3:30am in New South Wales reduced assault incidences by 37% in comparison to a control location.   Reference: Kypri K, Jones C, McElduff P, Barker D. Effects of restricting pub closingmore…

Associations between alcohol consumption patterns and attitudes towards alcohol interlocks.

By • February 9th, 2018

This study found that the general population and some respondents categorised as high risk drinkers perceived alcohol interlocks to be personally useful. Compared to females, males were more likely to respond that alcohol interlocks are personally useful.   Reference: Bishop CA, Liu S, Stephens AN, Fitzharris M. Associations between alcohol consumption patterns and attitudes towardsmore…

Alcohol Interlocks Campaign Evaluation.

By • February 9th, 2018

The evaluation report indicated that the “Alcohol Interlocks Campaign” was among the Top 5 Road Safety Commission (RSC) ads in terms of efficiency of cost, with a reach of more than 1.4 million WA residents aged 17 and above. Overall, the campaign effectively influenced 8 in 10 people to restrict themselves from drink driving.  more…